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Life Tabernacle, Ocala's Home Church, a book of Acts full family ministry
I've Been Grounded.  Have You? Plant your feet, live for God! Get rooted in Christ and grounded at Life Tabernacle!  Apostolic Youth

Welcome to the Grounded Ocala Youth Group!

Tired of playing it safe? Do something that will get you Grounded!  

C’mon Ocala Teens, it’s our time to step up and step out for Jesus like never before! Ocala Youth Groups aren’t in need of another empty promise, we are in need of the power of the Holy Ghost! Want to take your Christian experience to the next level? Speak His name with boldness? Break the chains? See miracles among your family and friends? Then 2015 is your year!

Plant your feet and Live for God. Join our Ocala Youth Group this week for worship service and let’s get acquainted. We love hanging out, talking about the Word, playing games, etc. but more than anything we love to be in His presence.

Join us in dedicated times of youth praise, prayer and fellowship. No HYPE necessary, just young people that are looking to fall in love with Christ and the sovereign move of God’s Spirit! If you are looking for a local youth group with Christian teens that are on fire for God, you gotta check us out!

Skip the drugs, drinks and teen counseling, and just get to the House of Worship.  Escape the demands of life with the prescription from the great Physician, “Come unto me all who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest.” Tap into the power of a triumphant life lived through Christ. Grounded Ocala Youth Group, a less of us and more of Him type of Youth Ministry!

Get Rooted in Christ and Grounded at Life Tabernacle!

Ocala's Home Church